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  •      The team was formed in 1995 by a group of leading-edge experts of Thai to support wafer fabrication projects and equipments in South East Asia. In 2003, company registered in Thailand acquiring of technical members from key businesses in Thailand, eg., electronics and automotives.

         We are proud of being the strongest group of laser expert in Thailand. The team is well trained with multi-disciplinary in scientific, and state of the art engineering from high-tech industries. We have been involved in laser world for almost three decades. Whenever comes to a point of delivery to our value customers, Photonics Science always offers the best solution with top quality and cost effectiveness. And, we really supply top quality products from laser world. No matter how difficult it is, we provide solution to our clients. We are the only one company who turns customer’s requirement to deliverable solutions. From concept to print, machining through system making and processing, these can be delivered by one company “Photonics Science”.

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    bout Us

  •      Photonics Science Our international team is a multidisciplinary and well trained group that can answers engineering needs of the high tech industries. We have been involved in laser development for almost two decades and whenever there is a laser needs, Photonics Science always offers the best solution with the best quality in a timely manner.

           The company has been growing continuously with highly respective of key customers in various industries who either has experience in laser or not. We believe in our solid fundamental that drives to high level of working as laser professional. We have never left our customer worried in laser. Our service mind and capability are beyond customer’s expectation. Yet, we are striving to be on top of laser people throughout the world. Our team is committed to ensure customer’s success.

    “ We Are Your Win Win Partner ”

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    ission and Vision

  • Our Mission is Customer Satisfaction

         In the business world which is driven forward quickly by the various innovation and technology that has been created to respond to the business or industry nowadays and in the future. Photonics Science Co., Ltd - we are one organization which is filled with far vision with "expertise, deep knowledge and actual knowledge" as accepted in the universal level as the laser expert in every type which is the first in the country and the Southeast Asia because we are the pilot.

  • Mission

  • - We aim to be the first class laser machine supplier of satisfactions.
  • - We are committed to reinforcing knowledge of laser material processing and laser technology for Thailand and ASEAN industries with the best local support.
  • - We listen to our customers to understand their needs and we make their goals as our goals.
  • - We consider our customer as our Good partner for making success together.
  • Vision

  • Photonics Science Co., Ltd. has to customers

         From the work team with experience more than 50 years in the laser technology from gathering of the knowledge from every source in the world. We believe that we have become the leader in collecting, inventing, developing and applying to use laser in the industrial circle in Thailand to have the advancement, cutting-edge and can be compared in the world level.

    Vision of the development of laser technology in order to support the advancement with the future world

         The technological development of the laser has never stopped just as Photonics Science who has seen the best laser technological selection with good quality and save the expense for our customers all the time and also develop personnel and innovation to ability, intelligence and to always be the first in the circle and this has made the company to be accepted from customers that they have received the best laser technology from us – Photonics Science

    With our uncompromised mission, we make our customer satisfied.
    We have been recognized from our customers more than 80 countries in world wide.

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  •            We have successfully set up our steps and standard internationally. We have been gaining recognitions and awards from government, organization and institutions to be top of laser expert. We are proud along today’s success.


    From Ministry of Science and Technology and NIA (National Innovation Agency)



            The innovation of Laser Robotics for cutting plastic with 3D shape namely RoboCutPlast. It is a laser machine for cutting plastic materials from 3D forming tasks to support the customers those who require variety of shape for prototype, cost saving for mold and fixture fabrication, fast sample making with high quality, excellent output, reduction of manufacturing process and consumption use in the process, able to operate fully 24 hours, specific design for the best cutting efficiency of plastic materials.


    Photonics Science Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that he received a grant

    From NIA (National Innovation Agency )

    Lenses Marking Machine (Excel Mark)

           For the development of its innovative new lenses Photonics Science Co., Ltd. is committed to continue developing innovative laser technology for the Thai and international industry.