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    RTC® control boards



    SCANLAB's RTC® PC interface boards and RTC® SCANalone standalone boards are easy-to-use, PC-based solutions for controlling laser scan systems. Simple software commands enable the RTC® boards to achieve synchronized, real-time control of scan systems and lasers. The new generation of RTC® PC interface boards supports all functions of SCANLABs new iDRIVE® technology for a fully digital control of SCANLAB scan systems. 


    Additional RTC® features and options include:


    • 2D and 3D image field correction
    • Status signal evaluation
    • Processing-on-the-fly functionality for moving objects
    • Control of 3-axis scan systems
    • Dual-head functionality for simultaneously controlling two scan systems
    • Optical fiber data interface


    Scheme of operation





    Discover New Possibilities with iDRIVE® 

    SCANLAB's iDRIVE® technology redefines the industry standard for galvanometer scan head control and is used in the intelliSCAN®, intelliWELD® and intelliDRILL® series. 

    iDRIVE® introduces a completely digital control concept encompassing scan systems with fully digital servo electronics and the RTC®5 PC interface board from SCANLAB. 

    The RTC®5 communicates with the scan systems via a new data transfer protocol that presents numerous new opportunities to boost scan system productivity − e.g. via tailoring of status, servo and reset behaviors.




    Convenient Process Optimization 

    The system information provided by iDRIVE® allows processing to be simulated. This significantly reduces process development time as software optimization occurs with little or no need to process and manually inspect sample workpieces. Another iDRIVE® control feature is proportional laser pulsing, where speed feedback from the galvanometer is used to modulate the laser, ensuring consistent energy deposition. 

    Multiple dynamics settings can be stored in the scan system. These are derived from mathematical models and can also be selected on a per-vector basis for optimal results. 

    Dynamics settings tailored to application-specific requirements enable faster and more precise positioning. The scan system’s digital output stages dissipate significantly less power, resulting in enhanced temperature stability. 


    Quality Assurance and Remote Monitoring 

    iDRIVE® advantages include simultaneous monitoring of multiple galvanometer parameters and system status parameters. 

    Real-time position and speed values can be queried, too. Such capability is indispensable for tracking or logging of processes and remote monitoring of systems. 


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