Welcome To Photonic Science

Today’s industrial technologies are growing rapidly. Photonics Science has been providing the most advance and competitive solutions through world class leading edge in Asia. We have our mission to be the best laser company pioneering in laser technologies and applications. Our skill, expertise and innovative contribute to success which is far beyond customer’s expectation.

We have the Skill, the Knowledge and the expertise you are looking for

  • Photonics Science aims to be the first class supplier as well as first class customer and to be a leading-edge company for research and development in laser processing
  • We are committed to reinforcing use and knowledge of laser technology within the Thai industry with an un-compromised local support
  • We listen to our Customers to understand their needs and we make their goals our goals
  • We consider our customer as our partners so we can build our common successes together “We Are Your Win Win Partner”

“The Best Laser Team in Thailand”

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