Recommended high quality CO2 lenses from Ophir
Ophir's CO2 laser lenses are available in 3 grades :

Can be selected by grade. To suit the application


Chapter 3 : Ultra Low Absorption Lens or ULA Lens

3. Ultra absorption coating:Clear Magic
Transparent Ultra-Low Absorption Znse Lens for High-Power CO2 Lasers


- Best ability to withstand back spatter
- Easier to clean and maintain
- Excels in cutting aluminum and stainless steel
- Absorption (Guaranteed) ≤ 0.13%
- Designed specifically for high power laser systems
- Superior focus stability
- HeNe compatible
- Exacting quality standards

ULA lens is the best lens of Co2 in the present. The highest quality of Ophir has been tested by European research laboratories. Its absorption capacity is>> 0.10%, which is the most superior. Highest cutting accuracy ***

The most durable and suitable for cutting with high price sheet metal. And do not want to risk cutting. It is suitable for heavy work, heavy cutting, cutting for a long time. Need to get the most out of the job faster and faster. Is resistant to use

Can be selected to suit the focus with 3 options :

1. Focus 5” suitable for thin cutting 1-5 mm

2. Focus 7.5” suitable for medium thickness 6-15 mm

3. Focus 10” ideal for cutting to a thickness of 16-25mm


*** Unless the problem can be caused by other causes, then the effect.